Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Con Fact 057

Dieses zine erscheint am 2. tag des BeneluxCons
in Eindhoven, NL

Veranst.: Erwin & Heidi

Herausg.: Eckhard Marwitz D-23847 Meddewade Tel. +49177 2607609 mailto: FanTimes(at)

For the first time I try an international Con Fact. I'm very hopeful,
that many fans on this con are willing to tell sth. about the programme

Goodmorning! De ConFact is een leuk typmachientje!
Iedereen is van harte uitgenodigd om zijn of haar verhaaltje over de
Con in te voeren.
Everybody is invited to type his of her story about the Con! Hope to
hear from you all!

For those who stay in town after the convention and want to go eat
somewhere else, might do worse than visit Zorba the Greek (it's
at Kerkstraat - walk over to the Catharina Church, then left).
They had excellent courses and kept us happily eating until after
the opening ceremonies. (Sorry ... er, anyone cares to report on

Jan Veldhoen
P.O. Box 24149,
The Netherlands
Phone: +31640707378
We had a nice diner yesterday.
After that there was the convention opening ceremony, which I liked
very much.

Henk Langeveld
Getting to the con... There and back again...
"I have to go to work now, can't help packing, sorry. If I leave now
I can be back at five." The road to the con is paved with good inten-
Friday afternoon, 15:45. Train home is delayed by ten minutes. Drat!
But wait, the train to Utrecht is late as well. Either way I'll miss
my connection. Hmm, Utrecht is dry, I'll have plenty of time to get
onto that next train! Utrecht announcer: "No trains to Amersfoort...
Passengers for
Amersfoort are advised to travel via Amsterdam". What, Amsterdam,
I don't want to go to Amsterdam. I just came from there! I don't
even want to go to Amersfoort, I want to pick up my sons and take them
to Eindhoven! "Er, sorry I'm late... Can you help the boys pack and
send them on the train to Amsterdam?" - "..."
Two hours later, SMS: "On the train with the boys to Eindhoven.
Karin, you're fantastic."

George Berger SF fan from Amsterdam says Hello to his German co-fas
I am enjoying myself tremendously and, despite my advanced age, hop-
ing to attend a con in Lübeck next year.

Heidi has attended the speech of Edith Eri Louw and really enjoyed
the film fragments and Edit's vision on fantasy.

Dirk Bontes:
De prijsuitreiking van de Paul Harland Prijs is te het
Archeon op 13 december om 14:00 uur in de zaal boven de Romeinse
herberg. Het prijzengeld en de organisatiekosten worden van oudsher
grotendeels bij elkaar gebracht door gulle fans. Ook dit jaar ontvangt
de organisator (Wim Stolk) graag uw kleine en grotere giften. De giro
rekening wordt vermeld op de website Cash giften
kan men ter ConTroll afdragen bij mij.
(This is a sponsor request for the Dutch short story contest the
Paul Harland Price.)

Peter De Weerdt
Friday after the programming there was a party in room 330. It was
organized by the Germans and they had a very nice beer called
Diebels alt. We could also taste some very nice chocolats with
marsipain. The beers left over will be drunk at the dead dog party.

Erwin van Ballegoij
Besides a nice main program we have an interesting film program. We
offer something for everyone. The first film in the morning is meant
for children. Tomorrow morning we feature E.T. As we expect a few
kids as viewers, this film is Dutch spoken and subtitled in English.
Today we have four films by Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits, Brazil, 12
Monkeys and The Brothers Grimm). It is Terry's birthday after all!
In the evening we start wilt the Cult Classic Dark Star. Pay special
attention to the skippyball, that should be a dangerous allien.
Hillarious! Then the gloomy 1984 and the last film of today is Sleepy
For tomorrow we have something special in store. Some Finnish fans
made a brilliant Star Trek parody: Star Wreck, in the Pirkinning. It
is very entertaining, and the special effects are not bad at all. A
must see, if you didn't already. After this, we have the intruiging
French movie The City of Lost Children. It is real French Cinema. We
end this Con with an all time classic: Solaris, the original Russian
version. If you missed this film in the past, this is a good moment to
catch up!

Now it's ready: the first Con Fact not produced in Germany. I hope,
we will stand in good tradition some years later and can make some new
CF every year. I plan to visit the next BeneluxCons, too. And
I see the good wil in your faces. CF is a splendid mirror of the con.
We make a second one (#58) till tomorrow, wont't we?

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